Young Artist Enters the Music Scene

January 17, 2009 at 12:31 pm (Alternative, Music) (, , , , , , )

photo courtesy of the age of only 14, Josh Golden has written more than 25 songs, is in the middle of recording an EP, and already has his first music video. Yes, there might be some people out there who stand up and shout “I’m tired of this kind of music!” It’s true, a few of his songs stray dangerously close to a whiny alternative punk rock band, but to all of you pessimists: GIVE THE KID A BREAK. Seriously, listen to a few of his songs and you’ll realize he is a multifaceted songwriter.

Golden utilizes pleasing falsetto and subtle vocal harmony to add interest to his music. Though he lacks the intricacy of popular artists today, he definitely has potential. Unfortunately on the flip side, it seems there’s also a strong possibility he’ll become one of those teenage-girl-heart-throb artists. You know, the kind you can’t stand because every time you hear one of his songs a 13 year-old girl squeals so aggravatingly loud that you check your ears to make sure they are not bleeding.

At the very least, listen to “Please Don’t Go” and give me your feedback. If you’re intrigued, check out his MySpace page for some more tunes.

~ C.H.

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