How to Listen. And You Thought You Knew….

January 28, 2009 at 6:13 pm (Music) (, , , )

Artists put themselves through hell to produce music for you. And how to you return the favor? Listening to their blood, sweat, and tears while talking on the phone and doing work? I think not. By listening to music correctly, one can appreciate all the work that the artist has put into the music, and enjoy it more.

There are two ideal situations for listening to music.

-Solitary Transportation
-Quiet room + headphones

Solitary transportation. How sad. But what a perfect opportunity for deep listening! When you’re driving, or flying, or biking, this is when you will receive maximum pleasure from your music. The car radio is a great way to not only discover new music, but to listen to it and appreciate it. On the contrary, blasting “Don’t Stop Me Now” in your car and singing along with a bunch of friends is a good time, but also provides no deep-listening pleasure. So, take a lonely drive, and pump some tunes.
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